The Agency

Mandy Barrett Design was launched in 2010 as a different kind of design agency. From the beginning, our emphasis has been on quality over quantity. We take the time to truly understand each client’s unique goals and challenges, crafting individual solutions that exceed every expectation. Whether around the corner or across the country, all of our clients receive the same level of service, attention to detail and crazy-good branding.

First and foremost, we believe in delivering the absolute best design and branding strategies for each individual client. You won’t find a cookie cutter anywhere. We also believe wholeheartedly in building relationships and helping you fit your values to your business, rather than just completing a transaction. We create partnerships that feel like friendships but perform like Big Business; we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Mandy Barrett

Prior to launching her own design agency, Mandy worked in the publishing field, in packaging design, and at a marketing agency. 20+ years of experience, plus an innate ability to identify her clients’ objectives, has helped cement her agency as the go-to favorite for her many clients. Much of Mandy’s success can be chalked up to a single factor: She absolutely loves what she does. It’s more than her career; her desire to create beautiful and meaning things is simply part of who she is.

Our Partners

Our clients receive unparalleled service and personal attention while also gaining access to a network of associates with critical expertise. Amazing artists, marketing gurus, expert writers, web programmers, IT specialists, SEO masters, social media pros—it’s all part of the package at Colorful Creative.


"A true visionary when it comes to design, Mandy Barrett has a unique talent for identifying the needs of her clients—often before they even know themselves! Not only is her work impeccable, but the passion she has for her profession is obvious from the moment you meet her. Mandy has been the art director for RoadRUNNER Motorcycle Touring & Travel magazine for more than seven years. In that time, I’ve seen her consistently deliver outstanding results, never once missing a deadline. Press time can be tremendously stressful, but Mandy handles everything in stride, always positive and upbeat. In fact, her personality makes her super fun and easy to work with. If I only had two words to describe Mandy, they would be Crazy Creative! She has a knack for seeing things other designers don’t and she knows how to bring layouts alive through her extensive knowledge of typography, color theory, and composition (You should see the beautiful redesign she just did for our publication!). I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mandy for any design project. If you hire her, you won’t be disappointed!"

Heather Oliver, Production/Content Manager at RoadRUNNER Touring and Travel Magazine