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Big Puppy, Rainbows and the Crystal Castle

Big puppy asks you if you want to take a ride and you hop on his back and ride out the door on the sidewalk. You pass under the trees and notice a big fluffy cloud in the sky that looks just like Darth Vader and say “look Big puppy!”


Big Puppy looks up in the sky and says “Let’s go see it!” and he flies into the sky with you grabbing on to his fur. Your hair is flying back as the wind rushes by your face and you smile as the sum warms up your cheeks. The clouds start to surround you and puppy and they are fluffy and soft like marshmallows. You snuggle your face into Big Puppy and tell him you love him when out of the corner of your eye you see a GIANT rainbow!


Big Puppy bounds over the the rainbow and you start to dash up the beautiful colors. You can see all the colors of the rainbow and how they blend into each other – Red to orange, orange to yellow, yellow to green, green to blue, blue to indigo, indigo to purple…


(You peak one cute little eye open a crack and whisper, “mama, what color is indigo again?” I tell you it’s a “blueish purple” and you smile and say “oh yeah” and snuggle back up into big puppy)


As you fly up the rainbow, you can see a twinkling up ahead and laugh and tell Big Puppy to fly higher! Big Puppy dashes up the rainbow and suddenly you are under giant crystal castle. The crystal twinkles into a million more rainbows all around you and you clap your hands and laugh. The sun sparkles like diamonds everywhere and you have to blink a few times because it is so bright. When you get to the gate, you hear a soft voice say “Hi Zoe! What is the password?”


You look at Big Puppy and say “I love Big Puppy!” and the gates open right up.


There is a parade in the courtyard right in front of you! And guess who is leading the parade? YOU and BIG PUPPY! You trot down the beautiful stone path that is all rainbow colors and laugh and wave at everyone around you. There are ponies, people, fairies, nice giants, cute little gnomes, all kinds of animals, elves and the coolest part is that they are all different colors. Purple ponies, blue fairies, green kitty-cats… and then you look at your skin and at big puppy and you guys are rainbow colored too! Your hair is pink, your skin is green and your nails are purple. Each one of big puppies soft pieces of fur are a different color of the rainbow.


You get to the steps leading up into the crystal castle and as the doors open, a wash of wonderful smells float over to you and you hear Big Puppy take a huge sniff of the delicious smelling air. You walk into a huge dining room with a table covered with every food that you and Big Puppy love best! There is mac-and-cheese, apples, biscuits, pancakes, big bowls of string cheese, bananas everywhere, bowls of edamame, pizza, bagels and so much more. You can smell the syrup on the pancakes and the sweet cinnamon smell of baking zucchini bread. Oh, and the treats! There are bowls of jelly beans, cupcakes with lots of icing, bowls of ice cream that never seems to melt and cookies of all kinds. You and puppy sit down and eat some delicious food and until your tummies feel warm and you feel just full enough. You pet Big Puppy’s soft fur and you both get up and walk down the crystal hall.


You go up a swirly flight of sparkly stairs to the conservatory where you see a giant pile of fluffy cotton with pillows all over it and you and puppy climb inside together. You hear little yip-yip sounds and a whole pile of puppies come scampering along the floor and crawl into your soft bed and surround you and Big Puppy. You lay your head down on Big Puppy and the roof of the conservatory opens up to reveal the bright night sky filled with stars. You are SO high up that you can see the planets and you and Big Puppy name each one as your eyelids get heavy and the puppies snuggle up tight next to you, their soft little bodies warming you up even more. You see a shooting star and you make a wish…


(I pause, and then say the next part very slowly and very softly)


You and Big Puppy breath deeply in the night air. You feel the soft bodies around you and feel safe and warm. The stars sparkle bright above you, and the moon shines it’s happy face on you as you drift off to sleep. Your eyes close and you start dreaming of your adventure. Big Puppy’s soft snores in your ear lull you to sleep and you dream of flying in the stars.


(Your eyes are shut tight and you are evenly breathing with a little smile on your face. I quietly get up and start out the door and I hear you whisper “mama? kisses?” and I give you a kiss as you shut your eyes and smile. Love you Zoe.)

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